Learn more about the NDIS and how Reliable Nursing can assist you through the process.

An Overview of NDIS

What is the NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has been introduced by the Australian Government with the purpose of providing disability support to individuals, families and carers. This Government funded scheme is designed to aid people with permanent and significant disability and is a new approach of personalised and tailored support.

The NDIS recognises that all individuals have varying and unique needs, therefore choice and flexibility of service providers is paramount to ensure a smooth and easy process.

Here at Reliable Nursing, we are proud to over level 1 to 5 support to cover all needs for varying lengths of time so you gain access to premium care and support to live a fulfilling life.


Can I Access the NDIS?

Well, it is actually a new way of giving out disability support which also takes a lifetime approach.

The first plan

Yes, you can access the NDIS depending on your disability, your age, and your residency.

Starting your Plan

You can select the providers that you desire. Please keep in mind that your current provider would have to continue on providing you with some support in the initial phases.

Reviewing your Plan

NDIS, along with you, would review your plan every 12 months in order to make sure that you receive all the help and support that you require.

NDIS Process

Who is the care for?

How will you pay for care?

How much care do you need?

When are you looking to get care?

Personal information

The NDIS Story…

If you are a person with a disability, and you want to be a part of NDIS, then you will first be assessed against the requirements for access. Below you can find the information related to the planning process, decision process and also manage the plan with the providers.

The Best News Of All…

You, as a participant, are completely free to choose the home care providers. But by choosing us, the benefits are crystal clear.

The Team

You, along with the carer, would have the complete support of the professionals in order to ensure you achieve your set targets and goals.

The Plan

With the right carer and the right plan, which is sure to suit your individual needs, you will maintain your productivity and also retain your independence.

The Very Best

We, at Reliable Nursing, are sure to provide you with a carer that completely understands you, your language as well as your culture.

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